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Join us for an in-depth body-based meditation training of healing, integrating and awakening.


In this online intensive, designed for both experienced and beginning meditators, we will turn our awareness to the deep resources of our bodies. Rather than struggling to control and discipline the mind you will learn to relax and open into the experience of resting the mind into the natural field of embodied non-duality. Just like the ancient yogic alchemists, we will learn to experience the body as a profound and easy door into non-duality.


Over the next several months, John Churchill and Dustin DiPerna will host a series of twelve 1.5 hour online sessions. Each session will include lecture, group discussion, and guided meditation. In addition, in between sessions you will be given specific meditations to work with that will help you deepen your practice.


Throughout the course of the training, you will be closely guided to work directly with ground, gravity, embodiment and awareness, viewed through a contemplative understanding of mind and reality, and informed by an integrative perspective. 


By completion of the course, you will learn:

  • How to set-up a proper meditation posture for optimal experience

  • How to cultivate the proper motivation and attitude for meditation to flourish in your life

  • How to distinguish the difference between attention and awareness

  • How to use the body as a gateway to Non-Dual recognition

  • How to bring meditative awareness into your daily life


This embodied approach to meditation calms the mind, opens the heart and reveals the natural unbounded being, that is the essence of our humanity. The practice heals the deep split between mind and body, the conscious and unconscious mind, and grounds us back into the present moment and relationship to the sacred intelligence of nature.


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