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Streams of Wisdom serves as an advanced guide to spiritual development. Whether you stand in a specific religious tradition, consider yourself "spiritual but not religious", or are merely an observer of the current religious and spiritual landscape, the content in this book will equip you with an intelligent and intellectually rigorous orientation to spiritual transformation.


Have you ever wanted to know the difference between a temporary state experience and an on going experience of spiritual awakening? Did you know that there are very real differences between the process of spiritual awakening and one's capacity for spiritual intelligence?


With Integral Theory as a platform, Streams of Wisdom employs crystal clear discrimination to distinguish three core vectors of spiritual development. Using concrete examples from our world's great religious traditions to highlight each dimension of growth, DiPerna builds the case that the deepest aspects of spiritual transformation are universal across traditions. This means that even if the surface features of spiritual development tend to vary from one tradition to the next, the underlying reality and path of development is consistent and invariant. With access to all the wisdom streams of Earth, we now know, through comparative analysis, that similar spiritual potentials are available to one and all. Streams of Wisdom will help you make sense of your own spiritual experiences. It will help you better understand where you are on the spiritual path and what to expect next. There are wondrous possibilities awaiting discovery. Streams of Wisdom points to a future of positivity for us all.


Streams of Wisdom is available for purchase on Amazon.


Within each of our world's religious traditions there exists a multitude of religious perspectives. We see fundamentalists and fanatics on one hand and saints and sages on the other. In addition, we see millions of individuals who have rejected religion altogether. Why are there such varied expressions of religious orientation throughout the globe? How is it that religion can create massive relief from suffering in some cases while simultaneously generating division and turmoil in the world in others? Is religion something that we ought to abandon altogether or does it serve a role in society and an important purpose in the unfolding of our planetary destiny?


Throughout this book, DiPerna uses Integral Theory to begin answering these questions. In doing so, he introduces a broad new discipline called Integral Religious Studies. DiPerna uses Wilber's notion of the conveyor belt to explicate evidence for five stages of psychological development (magic, mythic, rational, pluralistic, and integral) as each show up in four traditions (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism).


This new type of developmental religious pluralism opens the door for a deeper understanding of the current state religion in the world. Such an understanding changes the future of religious dialogue and positions certain expressions of religion on equal footing with other rational forms of knowledge acquisition. When liberated with an integral lens, religion serves as a catalyst for human growth and development. Rather than an impediment to humanity's evolution, DiPerna outlines a path that positions religion as evolution's greatest ally.


Evolution's Ally is available for purchase on Amazon.

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